Preparation of a construction project for the complex arrangement of public spaces at J. Basanavičius Square in Vilkaviškis.

A newly proposed pedestrian alley brings a modern face to the town of Vilkaviškis in Lithuania. The design offers a fluid compositional, multi-purpose public and green spaces structure, leading towards the new J. Basanavičius town square. Newly proposed design solutions are closely related to the existing square and its composition, connecting them into a unity. A variety of public activities is encouraged: picnics on the grass underneath a tree, a market on a Saturday morning or Christmas market during the winter. The new pedestrian alley is not only a passage but an interactive public space. The introduced flora represents wildlife and does not require any funds throughout the year to be taken care of. The project has been finished in 2020 and is opened for public use.

  1. Site plan
  2. 3D render
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